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Spooner Farms, Inc. is a wholesale supplier of select raspberry plants to the U.S. market. We also ship worldwide to those places where raspberry plant imports are allowed.

Our Raspberry Plants

The raspberry (Rubus) is an herbaceous plant that belongs to the Rose family. There are two distinct types of raspberries: floricane fruiting (summer bearing) andprimocane fruiting (everbearing).

Everbearing varieties have a longer harvest season than summer bearing varieties, and it’s not unusual to find plants bearing fruit late into the autumn season. Summer bearing plants carry one heavy crop of fruit during the summer months.

Cultivation for the two varieties is the basically the same. The difference is in the way the plant is pruned. The entire everbearing raspberry plant is cut back to the ground in winter, whereas summer bearing plants are pruned less drastically.

Both everbearing and summer bearing raspberry plants are available from Spooner Farms.

View Summer Bearing Floricane Varieties
View Everbearing Primocane Varieties

Not sure which variety is best for your region? Please call us! We will be happy to advise you on your raspberry plant purchase. If you prefer, you may e-mail us with your questions.

Plant Information

We begin our raspberry stock processing in November after plants have achieved dormancy. Once dug and processed, our certified planting stock is kept at a constant temperature of 28 degrees Fahrenheit in our modern cold storage facilities until the grower is ready to plant. We begin shipping plants late December through June depending upon location.

Certified raspberry stock is sold bare root the following ways:

• #1 grade plant (cane is trimmed 8 to 12 inches)

• #2 grade plant (smaller than the #1, we recommend planting two per hill)

• bulk root material (packed loose in boxes of 50 pounds each).

Packaging Information

#1 and #2 certified raspberry plants are loose packed in boxes measuring 24″ x 18″ x 17″. Approximate weight of boxes range from 65 pounds up to 90 pounds each. Bulk root material is packed in boxes measuring 24″ x 18″ x 17″ with a total weight of 55 pounds. All #1 grade plants are packed from 150 to 400 plants per box. #2 grade plants are packed 500 plants per box.

Raspberry Spacing Per Acre

Hill System

2½ feet by 7 feet 2,489 plants

2½ feet by 8 feet 2,178 plants

2½ feet by 9 feet 1,936 plants (hand harvesting)

2½ feet by 10 feet 1,742 plants (machine harvesting)


Plants are spaced 1 to 1½ feet in the row and 7 to 9 feet between rows (3,226 to 4,840 plants per acre). Plants will fill in the bed from root suckers, and are usually confined to a hedgerow about 1½ feet in width.