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Spooner Farms, Inc. is a wholesale supplier of select raspberry plants to the U.S. market. We also ship worldwide to those places where raspberry plant imports are allowed.

Summer Bearing Floricane Varieties


This early fresh market or processing selection produced high yields with fruit size that is slightly larger than Meeker. It is very productive, and produces some of the highest yields. The glossy, firm, excellent quality fruit have fine drupelets and a very pleasant flavor that is comparable to Tulameen. The canes are spineless with laterals that are short and bend easily without breaking, and so are able to carry the high yield. Testing is still being conducted on this variety for the ability to be machine harvested. This selection has never tested positive for RBDV and therefore may be resistant.


Cascade Delight

(Chilliwack x WSU 994) Large attractive fruit with yields equal to Tulameen and Meeker. Traditional red raspberry flavor. Firm and releases very easily from receptacle. Superior to Tulameen for root rot resistance and shown to be a superior fresh market berry.



(BC82-5-84 x Tulameen) A mid-season processing and fresh market type that produces attractive dark berries with some resistance to fruit rot. The fruit is easy to harvest and in growers’ trials has machine harvested well. The fruit is glossy, large, firm, perfect in shape with fine drupelets, and so is very suitable for IQF. The plant has excellent vigor. Its primocanes are green with no spines, and its laterals are short and strong with good upright angle and well-spaced fruit. It is not resistant to RBVD, but appears to have a slow rate of infection.



Introduced in 1967. Fruit is medium sized, medium red, firm, midseason ripening, with good flavor. Suitable for machine harvesting. Accounts for more than 60% of all plantings in the Pacific Northwest. Susceptible to infection by pollen transmission of raspberry bush dwarf virus; resistant to cane Botrytis; some field resistance to root rot.


Introduced in 1989. Fruit is very large, long conic, medium red, glossy, firm. Starts to ripen with Meeker but has a longer season that overlaps with early primocane-fruiting cultivars. Longest fruiting season of all summer varieties (50 days). Excellent for fresh market due to flavor and size. Moderately susceptible to root rot; resistant to the common strain of raspberry mosaic virus complex and to powdery mildew.